How to use ai servo on 6d

20.06.2018 Avis
If I need to track focus I can hold down to AF-On button while taking pictures. It will cause mis-focused shots. I read a post on this forum which suggested you could focus and recompose in AI Servo mode. But AF will only start with your thumb on the AF-On button.

Wondering if it's something I'm doing wrong.

Those that do hold a position of authority are called commissioned officers. The AF system is always focusing in and out as the subject moves around. Physicists, engineers and astronomers, study and work with. Without BBF, you cannot do focus and recompose.
After following directions on Canon's website on how to set it up, the button just. Now her old friends won't talk to her, and people she doesn't even know hate her from a distance. If you want to focus and recompose, simply focus and then lift your thumb off the AF-On button to leave focus where it is and recompose as you see fit. Does Xbox One X stabilize frame rates of non-X games. To change the focus in this situation, would I hold down the Back Button Focus button while taking the pictures. If you insist on playing with it, know that only about one lens in twenty needs any adjustment, and the results are only visible at very large apertures and only under certain conditions. Using BBF, you now can use AI Servo most of the time, for stationary or moving subjects.