How to change game mode in diablo 3

20.07.2018 Garret
Ill spend a post later for more details on how Paragon points can help you out. Blizzard said it was so that new players wouldnt make big blunders and choose a bunch of skills that dont go together well. Recommended Elective Equipsedit. Elective Mode is a checkbox in the right column.

Where is the config file to let me down this.

While Paragon levels are not strictly a game mode, its worth mentioning what they are. The Staff of Herding is required to enter the level and crafting this staff involves farming for a few different materials. Your highest Greater Rift difficulty level completed and best time will be posted to the Rankings page. Diablo III offers up to three unique game modes, giving you plenty of options for demon slaying and treasure hunting. If you run out of time, youll still be able to complete your current level, but wont unlock a new difficulty level or have the chance to upgrade your legendary gems. For the sake of simplicity, we'll be using the wizard as an example.
How to change game mode in diablo 3
Until the Rift Guardian is defeated, you cannot change your skills or equipment. As an aside, this is the most frustrating. It is also known as a pony level or the cow level. Ing patching experience I've ever had.