What does mono mean on a car amp

20.07.2018 Michaela
Pros will usually run an amp with every pair of subs that operate in order to reduce the strain on the amps. A full stack is required to run stereo because you will need two separate cabinets. What effect does diglcycerides have on mono. Run rca and remote cabling from amp to car radio.

How do you know if you have mono or not.

What does mono mean on a car amp
This is great if you plan on using your two channel amp for a sub or subs. What does it mean to bridge an amp. What does manual in a car mean. How to remove burnout rubber marks.
What does mono mean on a car amp — pic 1
I want to install a mono amp in my car. As far as mono and stereo are concerned, with a half stack you can only run mono. How do I get an Informatics Certificate.