Explain what is meant by quasi contract

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That morning, he sees the plumber installing them in his own lawn. Salu afterward forbids him to do so. Quasi Contract is a contract created by the court in the absence of an agreement between the parties. Write a comprehensive note on the contingent or co.

What do you mean by discharge of contract and expl.

Explain what is meant by quasi contract
An example of a quasi-contract is the case of a plumber who accidentally installs a sprinkler system in the lawn of the wrong house. The contract is discharged by waiver. To install our first wiki, we need to make some changes.
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Neither of the two contracting parties will join any grouping of powers whatsoever that is directly or indirectly aimed at the other party. Sometimes promisee himself surrenders his rights to the contract and releases the promisor from his obligations. Courts create quasi contracts to prevent a party from being unjustly enriched, or from benefitting from the situation when he does not deserve to do so. Pleased at the mistake, he says nothing, and then refuses to pay when the plumber hands him the bill. Mounting Brackets, Exhaust Port Gaskets, Hardware is still available.