What does the sun sign leo mean

27.07.2018 Krista
Did you know that Leo sign dates can change year to year. The Sun shines bright in Leo, the sign most closely linked to royalty. Aquarius, the opposite sign to Leo, rules the collective rather than the individual.

The twelve different star signs all embody different characteristics.

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Leo belongs to the element of fire just like Aries and Sagittarius. Putting these folks at the helm is a good thing, too, since the Leo-born are natural leaders. The Sun finds it hard to shine in Aquarius because it has to share the limelight. Leo is a creative sign, so this is about your identity, your unique skills and talents, what makes you you. The big cat of the zodiac thrives when it receives plenty of stroking, accolade and admiration.
What does the sun sign leo mean
What is the Difference Between Track Matte and Mask in Adobe After Effects CC. How to convert acres to square feet, what does the sun sign leo mean. It makes them warm-hearted and always up for a good time.