How to prevent razor rash on thighs

23.06.2018 Admin
Lather the areas you will be shaving with a shaving cream. Find out what causes razor rashes and bumps, and how you can protect your skin while you shave. How to Treat Rash on Inner Thigh. The main cause of this rash is the moist and hot environment of this area.

If these do not fade in a few hours, seek medical attention.

And then, when its time to actually put some clothes on, theres the chafing. Mild rashes will often fade on their own but if the rash on your inner thighs is severe you may need to seek medical attention. Those that experience sweat or heat rashes are more likely to experience this problem.

I know you all know what Im on about.

How to prevent razor rash on thighs
But if you do choose to shave, youre probably familiar with the trauma that is Shaving Rash aka razor burn. Razor rashes and bumps can be itchy, cause discomfort and can even be painful. How to Prevent and Treat Razor Burn. After the effort it takes to shave these areas in the first place, seeing our work ruined by a rash is rather heartbreaking.