How to install wood board and batten

23.06.2018 Gloria
If it is too thin, you may have to install a thicker piece of baseboard or use the strips of wood for the board and batten that are thinner than the baseboard. We looked at doing six vertical battens but thought the spaces were a little too narrow. We were able to use our original baseboards since we installed a thicker one to begin with.

Heres our list of tools and supplies.

Read on for a bit of background and a step by step how-to on installing exterior board and batten siding on your home or cabin. Board and batten siding has its roots in Norway and Sweden, where it was originally used to protect the exterior of log buildings. Active Listening Games for Teenagers.
What is and How to Board and Batten. The early builders might not have understood exactly why wood moved, but they knew how to compensate for it. Rather than trying to hold it in place, they simply gave it room to move.