Resetting internet explorer settings fails

03.09.2018 Dakota
You will then see a window that outlines the impact of resetting IE. Default startup tabs will be cleared. Learn how to change Internet Explorer settings, or reset browser settings when there's a problem. Once this is done restart Internet Explorer.
Often we find that our once fast browser has become slow to start and use. Reset Internet Explorer Settings. If you check the Delete personal settings checkbox, it will reset the home pages, search providers and Accelerators to their default values. I play Minecraft at home on a Mac and I am getting the error java. Web browser settings revert to default.

Why does this problem occur and what can I do to fix it.

Homepage button will be hidden and the URL that you previously set will be removed. In this short guide we will show you how you can reset Internet Explorer to its factory settings. I've tried to reset the internet explorer settings however it doesn't reset default settings. Over a period of time, we may install and uninstall add-ons, plugins and toolbars. Appreciate expert hlp to resolve. It always fail to reset the Applying default settings.