Why your foot falls asleep while running

18.06.2018 Admin
So, the first potential culprit is the shoe itself. Its an eerie sensation, but there are plenty of reasons why your foot may fall asleep and just as many quick fixes. If so, dont get your shorts in a bunch. A person could be standing in line at the post office or market, and suddenly, their feet will start to numb and then fall asleep.
That pins and needles feeling occurs simply because youre sitting there too longand in a non-ideal position. This sounds like a circluation problem. Ordinarily, one would think the feet go numb while sitting too much, too long. For starters, make sure its big enough. The technical term for when a limb falls asleep is paresthesia. It feels as though you have pins and needles in your feet or like they seem to have fallen asleep from this weight-bearing activity.
You might want to go to the doctors, have have them look at it. Your feet are even more likely to fall asleep if youre a skinny guy. This temporarily interferes with the nerves ability to communicate with your brain. Just to make sure you dont have any blood clots or anything of that sort. Rid the feet of that feeling could be as easy as shaking the feet or making some movement with it.