How to use command prompt to dos

29.06.2018 Admin
The CD command is to change the directory on the current drive hence CD Change Directory. Its a right-click context menu that opens a command prompt window at the current working directory, wherever you pop up the context menu. Additional information on how to get to an MS-DOS prompt on each of the respected PC operating systems. Read on, more tips at the bottom.

COM, used in MS-DOS, Unix shells, etc.

Did anyone tell you that uninstallation of applications can also be done using DOS Command Prompt, Of course you can uninstall an application using command prompt. Coleman stove converted to propane. Command Prompt is similar in appearance to MS-DOS. What if a number is in scientific notation. In Windows Explorer, simply hold the Shift key and right-click the folder you want to set as working directory, choose Open Command Window here.
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When people refer to the command prompt they may we refer to it in different ways. To use this you dont need to be an expert or techie in this field, simply we will use the below command and uninstall the application. Exe, which is the native program for the platform.