How to add name in truecaller

18.06.2018 Admin
Add your first name and last name as well as company name if you want to show in Truecaller. Sometimes TrueCaller shows wrong name, picture or location. If you have any query regarding how to change name in truecaller app then let us know below in comment section. Learn how to change your name in TrueCaller database.
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Change your name in TrueCaller. TrueCaller is a neat smartphone app that shows details on incoming calls. This takes time to change your name in Truecaller and may end up with not even change.
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How To Change Name in Truecaller. Why does Truecaller show you the wrong name. The app works on both iOS and Android and will need either WiFi or mobile data to work to its full potential. Now, tap on pencil icon edit front of your name. One of such ways includes asking friends to suggest your real name against fake one in Truecaller.