How to create hyperlink in dreamweaver

01.07.2018 Lucas
A hyperlink is a single word or a few words of text that link to another online document or webpage, graphic, movie, PDF or sound file when you click on it. All it is is a way of linking one page to another. Learn How To Create Hyperlinks Dreamweaver Tutorial. Creating a Hyperlink in Dreamweaver.
Click here to download the Quicktime player for free. It is suitable for use with the. To link to a file on the Web, type in the URL to that file.

Html in Dreamweaver and view the Source Code in Split View.

Hyperlink is the technical term. Learn how to create one with Macromedia Dreamweaver. Write the text you would like to link. From this page you can choose User Options to access User Settings, Directory features, a Personal Address Book, and Fast Dials. Hyperlink Question in Dreamweaver. I need to create a website for a university project and Im planning on creating one which involves having a picture gallery as part of said website.