I told them what youre fighting for lyrics

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If wars the key, what door will it open. Do you know, uh, do you know, do. We have huge collection for free. Tv telling me were just the same.

I Told Them What You're Fighting For - Mother Maybelle Carter.

I told them what youre fighting for lyrics
You may still underthrow it or you may overthrow it. MOF from the site server that is to be upgraded. All the time eyes on the prize. Yelling and kicking trying to stay alive.
Lyrics to 'What We're Fighting For' by Dave Dudley. Tell me something do I qualify. Tell me if Im just like you, why cant I do the things. Oh, I'm not who I am I'm not how I look I'm not what I think I'm what I'm fighting for. We have song's lyrics, which you can find out below.