What is the name of the atomic model of bohr

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According to bohr model, the attraction force between electron and nucle. These topics form the basis of modern physics. However, this theory was more of a philosophical concept than a scientific one.
What is the name of the atomic model of bohr
Atoms absorb or emit radiation only when the electrons abruptly jump between allowed, or stationary, states. Each time the electron changes orbit, it emits or absorbs energy in fixed quantities calledquanta. The physicist Niels Bohr said, Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it. However, researchers discovered more frequencies named fine structure than those were measured and also predicted by Bohr, which means Bohrs model is not enough to explain the spectrum. This is the value of the wavelength of the red band observed in the spectrum of hydrogen lines.

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The model explained some of the atomic properties of heavier atoms, which had never been reproduced before. In this model, electrons travel in elliptical orbits around the nucleus rather than in circular orbits. One of the early deficiencies of Bohrs model is that experimenters discovered the fine structures in the atomic spectrum. However, the very first-time quantum theory was incorporated in Bohrs Model of an atom or Bohr atomic model.