What agglutinins are found in plasma

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Six specific agglutinins were used to identify the terminal sugar residues in the surface oligosaccharides of rabbit and hamster spermatozoa by specific agglutination. Cold agglutinins can cause acrocyanosis and hemolytic anemia. It is a family of similar legume lectins.

Cold agglutinins with other specificities, designated anti-Pr, anti-Gd, anti-Fl etc.

Soybean agglutinins SBA also known as soy bean lectins SBL are lectins found in soybeans. The majority have ? Your answer will appear in the mg field. Apply for a Florida Educators Certificate, what agglutinins are found in plasma. But when your red blood cells huddle, or clump, together when your temperature drops, that could mean you need to have a cold agglutinins test. One step you can take to help ease some of the symptoms is to avoid lowering your body temperature.
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Species similarities were found in terminal residues, resembling L-fucose and N-acetylneuraminic acid. When ejaculated rabbit sperm were compared to epididyimal sperm, the latter were more agglutinable with a specific agglutinin recognizing N-acetyl-D-gl. light chains, and only a minority.