How do pouched animals give birth

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Neither parent gets involved in the. Although the male carries the eggs, he doesn't make them. Knowing how guppies give birth and how to care for both the pregnant female and the newborn fry will help guppy enthusiasts enjoy regular births of strong, healthy fish they can appreciate for years.

People could be considered animals in a way.

This is why the young are fed only pre-digested leaves, and why the young, near the en. The pipefish and leafy sea dragons also give birth this way. They're already cooked, and can be eaten straight from the package, how do pouched animals give birth, if you insist.
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They get pregnant and deliver their offspring. Koalas give birth to tiny and underdeveloped young, with the mothers weighing hundreds of times more than the newborns. Female guppies can become pregnant when they are just a few weeks old, and if they are not separated from male guppies they can give birth on average once a month for several years. Scientists don't have a clear reason why seahorses evolved this way, but they theorize this is one of the ways seahorses try to help the species survive.