Why did communism appeal to 19th century factory workers

26.06.2018 Prudence
In this conflict, the proletariat will rise up against the bourgeoisie and establish a communist society. It was still ruled by a Tsar under the Old Order and the majority of the population lived in poverty. Factory workers were paid poorly and had to work under extreme conditions.
Why did communism appeal to 19th century factory workers
Please give me plenty of reasons i need help. During the Industrial Revolution, factory workers received little pay, worked long hours, and never saw improvement in their living and working conditions. You can try some other options from this Microsoft KB article.

If they wouldn't have, then Americas working system would not be what it is today.

He also thought all goods and services should be shared equally. The result was naturally a shift in attitude toward wealth. Basic philosophy of communism is revolt of workers, so communism gave the workers power economically and politically. So I need to know a pattern for that, I try this but it doesn.