What does that symbol mean in heroes

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These symbols provide a shorthand guide to locate a precise location. A Hammer On is when you first strum and then push one of the fret buttons. Or if you're talking about the brighter white dots in the middle of some notes, that represents notes that can be played using a hammer-on or pull off.

These notices will often include the copyright symbol, which is normally the letter C surrounded by a circle.

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Spotted a symbol you can't identify. Trying to find the meaning and origin of a symbol, tatoo or an engraving. My previous phone was with virgin mobile and was the lg optimus.
The basket of such sleds are limited to only needing to hold a dog bag and a few. So what does the heart symbol actually mean. What Does The Heart Symbol Mean. I'm curious because I didn't notice any description on it and just want to know what it is. The first evidence for stone- or. Currently, copyright owners aren't required to put a copyright notice on copies of their works, but many still choose to do so, and there can be legal benefits for doing so.