How to beat level 34 on 100 floors escape

16.04.2019 Filomena
A skyscraper collapses, all people have to escape from these rooms that look like jail or prisons. Then, I will share the solutions, clue and answer to get through each level. Ads everywhere and way too frequent.

Im sure it required a good amount of time.

How to beat level 34 on 100 floors escape
Then, I will provide walkthrough, answers, clue and solutions to beat all level when you get stuck. Is the level below different than what you are seeing in your game. So, lets share how to complete each level in this game. Because room-temperature turkey falls into this danger zone, how to beat level 34 on 100 floors escape, it is not safe to leave a turkey at room temperature before cooking.
The one thing that always let me down with this type of apps is the huge amount of ads. From the Home screen, swipe left or right, and search for the Google Translate app. In this level, you have to tap the yellow, blue, and red wheels. Solve the enigma of each prison room, find hidden object and open the door to escape from the skyscraper that cages you. Imagination foundation T-shirt The Future is unwritten.