Where do lateral branches of stems originate

22.06.2018 Pamelia
The young stem is green in colour and thus it is photosynthetic. The key difference between apical and lateral meristem is, apical meristem helps in the primary growth of a plant whereas lateral meristem helps in the secondary growth of a plant. Since there is a single axis for the shoot, the type of branching is monopodial. There are three types of meristems according to their position in a plant, namely.
The apical meristem is dome-shaped and has two parts. Apical meristems are positioned at the apices of stems, roots and their lateral branches. The mature stem is generally green when young and later often become woody and dark brown. Stem bears floral buds terminal or axillary that grow into flowers. Now that we know quite a few things about stems, let us look at the various modifications of stems. On either side, lateral branches are sent off, at short intervals, to the east and the west. One theory about the moon illusion says that when the moon is near the horizon we perceive it to be farther away from us than when it is high in the sky.

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By the way, if you need to transfer your iPhone data in some cases, download AnyTrans to have a try. Lateral branches of the stem are exogenous in origin. By the time the lateral branches appear and the seedling becomes taller, the seedling is now better called a sapling.