How to control gas in stomach during pregnancy

23.06.2018 Shantelle
Avoid alcohol, condiments, spices, caffeinated drinks. The condition is not only manifested through pain in the chest or stomach but also through constant burping, farting and bloating. Chew cloves after lunch and dinner.

Find out why you may burp and fart more than usual when you're pregnant and how to relieve gas and bloating.

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Carrot is also beneficial for a pregnant woman due to its high vitamin content. An herbal tea prepared from ginger, and licorice is useful in treating gastritis problem during pregnancy. It is an excellent remedy for gastritis caused during pregnancy.
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This will lead to more gas in the stomach. Learn the causes and prevention of gas during pregnancy to make being pregnant easier. In fact, falling on your face can be a good way to learn valuable lessons. Carrot juice mixed with spinach juice is effective in treating the gastric irritation. Mainly what, when, and how you eat determine the extent of suffering stomach gas. You can prevent gas by exercising and sitting with legs up. Eat more vegetables, grains and fruits.