What is cbt in computer

28.06.2018 Suzann
In omr sheet you have to manually darken the circle but in cbt you have to just click on correct option and it can be changed also so it is more user friendly. Computer Based Tutorial can be abbreviated as CBT. CBT as abbreviation means Computer Based Tutorial.

How to abbreviate Computer Based Tutorial.

One of the definitions of CBT is Computer Based Tutorial. How can I learn more about computers. Thanks a lot that helps me thank you so much. The learning material comes in computer-based training software packages.
CBT is completely different today thanks to advances in hardware and software. CBT training has been around for as long as computers have. I will definitely be ordering again. Computer-based training CBT is a type of education in which the student learns by executing special training programs on a computer. See also web based instruction. Also called computer aided instruction CAI. Certification terms, Computer acronyms, CST, Training.