Tamiya 417 v5 carpet setup

19.06.2018 Admin
As promised here is the full kit setup. Newly designed carbon fiber upper. There are lots of other great cars out there nowadays so can Tamiya keep ahead of the competition.

The upper deck is likewise newly-designed and provides optimum roll balance in conjunction with the one-piece aluminum servo mount.

To make the actual skin textures you will need an image editing program that supports multiple layers MS Paint won't cut it. Please see the Microsoft Hardware Dev Center for more information on Windows Audio Processing Objects. All data are for original kit content and collected from official Tamiya information. I was concerned that the shocks might make it feel a little too grippy but the car was planted but with a dab of brake I could get it rotating well.
I just don't have the experience doing it and don't know what to do. I was going to test it at Stockport RC club racing on low grip carpet. There are currently no product reviews. These are swing shaft caps that may be used on many of Tamiyas diff joints that incorporate universal shafts.