Why is root canal treatment so expensive

20.06.2018 Quiana
Root canal treatment is one type of endodontic treatment. So, care must be taken not just after a root canal, but also in between your dental appointments. At a first look, removing the tooth might seem as an attractive solution vs root canal.
Why is root canal treatment so expensive
Also, insurance companies see dentistry as high risk as many people do not go to the dentist for regular, preventative maintenance and typically only go for emergency treatment. Therefore, they do not want to spend on oral health. A root canal treatment invariably takes more than one sitting to complete. You might be surprised at the reasons for those high root canal charges. These are expensive tools from renowned companies that are used in the best dental offices in the world. Read about root canal treatment from start to finish at Colgate.

People die if any serious complication occur in neuro or cardiac surgery and only a tooth dies when a root canal treatment fails.

Dentistry is not regulated in the same way that regular medical treatment is. People don't give importance to their tooth compared to heart or brain. The following are some of the reasons why tooth extraction is not the best choice, when you consider root canal versus extraction. If you're uninsured, call your State health department and find out if there are subsidized dental programs available to you.