Who made youkai watch

24.06.2018 Admin
And Jinmenken is back, but in prison at Alcatraz. The hit Disney XD comedy adventure about a boy who gains the ability to communicate with Yo-kai, mischievous beings who cause life's daily annoyances. Overall its well made, likable, and if you want to indulge your inner child then its defi.
The Youkai Watch also allows the wearer to. Sign in to make your opinion count. But when one day he decides to venture deeper into the forest, he encounters a small and mysterious capsule. Hanako-san wants to stop scaring people and decides to become the fashion designer of the youkai world, hus making her useful in many episodes.
Watch Youkai Watch HD anime online for free. Whisper is one of many Youkai that exist in the world, and provides Keita with a special Youkai Watch, which enables him to see and interact. You can add apps to your Toolbar in a easy way, so you can customize it to your exact needs. Free download HD anime with English subbed, dubbed. He decides to reward Keita by becoming his guardian against supernatural forces.