Powerpoint music not playing when emailed

25.06.2018 Admin
I added the music and it will play to the end of the last slide without restarting which is great. The sound file size is too large. The short answer is that the music or sound file was likely linked to the presentation and not embedded into it. That is why we tend to add an attractive soundtrack to our PowerPoint slides when making a presentation.

The downside of that solution is that WAV files are huge and would make the presentation far too cumbersome to email.

The music or sounds play fine on your computer, but when you email the PowerPoint presentation to a friend, they hear no sounds at all. Sometimes the music plays just fine on your computer, but when you email your PowerPoint presentation to a colleague, they hear no sound. It allows you to switch between the Metro UI, and standard iOS in the form of the desktop view. In actual application, however, you may fail to play a sound continuously over the whole presentation. Practical and effective electric guitar lessons for beginners.
I then save as powerpoint show so that it cannot be altered when opened. Stop background music playing on a certain slide in PowerPoint. Music or sound file problems often crop up in PowerPoint for two reasons. Com PowerPoint Heaven - The Power to Animate Contains tutorials on creating amazing animations for your PowerPoint Presentations. We recommend you convert your sound file into the right format using a conversion program if it is not supported by your PowerPoint version.