How are we the same but different

29.06.2018 Admin
We talked about physical and mental disabilities and how we treat them differently for various reasons. Rotary is evidence that we are really same, same. Bonnie is intellectually disabled, so we came up with a list of how he life might be the same as others and how it might be different.

Apparently this saying Same but different is a Zen saying koan.

How are we the same but different — pic 2
This can mean many things from same price but different items to these items are not the same at all. Rotary International is a perfect example of how similar people are around the world. Moreover within those subcultures there are differences of opinion and many different personalities. This may be confusing but I find these phrases endearing and I like to think of them as an allegory for humanity. So how do we make these people better. During installation, how are we the same but different, the Mendeley Ubuntu repository will be added to your list of software sources.
How are we the same but different
Their almost human-like values of beauty remind us that the superficial quality of form is the only thing that makes us different from other life. We are same, samebut different. Thailand has become a rather heavily touristed country, and I suppose that has taken the edge off the culture shock a westerner might feel stepping out of an airport taxi into the streets of Bangkok. Within the narrower spectrum of different human populations, were even more alike. A friend of mine asked what same same but different meant.