How to replace washing machine motor belt

30.06.2018 Admin
Pull the washer out from the wall. Unplug the washer from the wall to prevent electric shock. You can change the belts yourself without the time and expense of having to call a repairman to fix the washer for you. Reconnect the rubber coupling and the clamps over the new washing machine belt.
Required Tools for this Project. In order to replace the belt, you will need to disconnect the washing machine from the water and power supplies. The motor is spring-loaded, so the belts will come off easily. Be careful to purchase the appropriate size belt for your machine. After just a few minutes of effort you'll be able to access the tasty contents of your can.
Reinstall the belts in the reverse order. Turn your washing machine back to the upright position. Replacing a motor belt on an older model sewing machine. If your washing machine drum is not turning or agitating as it should, you may need to replace the washing machine belt. These can be obtained from a sewing machine repair shop. So I have a brand new deck of Bicycle cards and I have been practicing for over an hour solid and can't get anywhere near what you are showing.