When is the new version of logic pro coming out

04.07.2018 Bronwyn
It could take a while before the next version of Logic, now one outside of Apple really knows, so just jump right in and get rocking. Theres no doubt in my mind - Logic Pro X is the best version of Logic to date. So, Logic Pro lives, although we still don't know when we can expect the next version, or what new features we might get. Controlling Logic Pro X from an iPad with no noticeable latency It's pretty amazing.

Sometimes the upgrades ARE useful.

When is the new version of logic pro coming out
On the other hand, I think anyone should document a little more before committing to a certain standard for storage for example especially knowing that Apple ditches old tech quite fast. By Kei Nishida Green Tea Enthusiast. But if you can't make music with the current version, you won't be able to make it with the next. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question.
We assume you are converting between metre and football field. Sometimes Logic projects get corrupted. Use a VPN Before using Kodi on XBox. Jim Dalrymple also discounted the rumor on The Loop. It's tempting to always wait for the next version of an app, just to satisfy our craving for a new technology kick.