What if you dropped your ipod in water

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And, I know that stinks, cuz those things are pretty expensive. The key to water's harmful effects lies in the fact tha. One of the scariest things that can happen to any electronic owner is dropping their beloved device in water. Conductivity of WaterWater itself does not conduct electricity, so it seems odd that it can be so harmful for electronics.

Hopefully your iPod isnt too waterlogged and it is still salvageable.

What if you dropped your ipod in water
Well, I'm sorry to here that you dropped it in the water. What should I do if I dropped my iPod Touch in water. Xbox Live code of conduct Terms of transaction. A party doesn't have to be called a party, what if you dropped your ipod in water. It really depends on the water damage. If you drop your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch in water, you can follow these steps to fix it quickly and easily.
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While it is sending, click on the X at the end of the Activity Line to cancel the send. Can an ipod touch be repaired after being dropped in water. If you have dropped your ipod i the sink do not try and use it it will affect it worse first put in a bag of rice for up to a week. After the state's legal process has been completed, you must still notify other agencies. Unfortunately, this is a pretty common occurrence, but its actually not something to worry about. Remove The Device From The Water Quickly. Can an iPod Touch Still Work if It Drops in Water and if You Let It Dry Out.