Repair windows 8 installation from command prompt

13.04.2019 Sierra
Command Prompt Windows Repair Disc in General Support. Media creation tool is not working for me, that is why I'm trying to download Pro via torrent and then install Single Language. Random Command Prompt Windows Appears.
Repair windows 8 installation from command prompt — pic 1
Open Command Prompt via the Windows original installation disc. The letter after the partition is the drive where Windows installation resides. You can only use the Command Prompt option for fixing file system errors in older Windows installations. Is there a way to use the Command Prompt on Windows Repair Disc without a working keyboard. Let me help you with using these features as they can be a fabulous benefit, or a little Kindle Fire problem if you can't turn the accessibility off once it's on. I followed the instructions here as follows.
In this scenario, recovery may fail and you are returned back to the main WinRE screen. There is also a command line alternative that uses a built in system file repair, but keeping this simple. After selecting Troubleshoot, you choose to either Refresh your PC or Reset your PC.