Opera mini javascript not working

15.04.2019 Admin
Its working in almost all browser but not in opera mini. I have found few sites which are working fine in mini same as web infact both are same. Why would anyone use the Opera web browser. Javascript Just check your code for errors in opera mini console.

Please help me to load site same as opera without disabling Data savings mode.

For scalability and performance reasons, Web Workers have been disabled in recent versions of Opera Mini, despite support in the corresponding desktop versions of Opera. You can take a look at Can I use. Why do resume feature in opera mini browser always fail. Opera Mini, at this time, does not support them. JavaScript is working - Now you should have the best JavaScript experiments from javascriptON.
How Opera Mini interprets JavaScript. Instructions to enable javascript. Basically, when you request a web page from Opera Mini, a request is sent to the Opera Mini servers.