How many mint seeds to plant in a pot

15.04.2019 Le
Was that too many seeds in too small of an area. It is featured prominently in many recipes from savory to sweet and even in beverages. It is a hardy perennial herb and grows quickly, often becoming invasive.
Home Edible Gardens Herbs Mint. If you sow too thickly, or too many in too small a space, it's quite difficult to separate out individual seedlings without damage. Take a cutting from a mature mint plant. It is a plant that can be planted at any. Well, seems you'll have a lot of thinning and pricking out to do if they all germinate.
You can change this preference below. Ask a friend if you can harvest from an existing mint plant or find one in a local garden. However, you may be able to find mint seedlings and plants at your local farmers market and supermarket. The back of the receiver has a number of ports that must be connected to various devices in order for the cable to wor. Plant directly into potting soil or compost after you bring it home.