Windows 2003 page file settings

26.06.2018 Lynette
Navigate to the Configure your server wizard icon on the start menu and click it to open the configure your server application. Specifically, the preset Group Policy settings are more restrictive than the corresponding default registry entries. The next page will display our Remote Installation Folder Location, set previously, DRemoteInstall and select Next, where youll be prompted for the PXE Server Initial Settings. Select the File Server role from the list and click next.

These more restrictive settings may trigger event logging instead of the expected time synchronization with the server.

Windows 2003 page file settings — pic 1
To increase the virtual memory page file in Windows, follow the steps below. View and increase Windows Virtual Memory page file settings. In the Initial size MB and Maximum size MB text boxes, enter the Virtual Memory values you want to use.
Windows 2003 page file settings — pic 2
The help files are your friend For more information, click here will take you to the help files, with configuring these options as the open page. After doing the post-installation configuration the firewall will be opened to allow connection to the. Normally I do this on the first reboot after. Select Appearance then Save and Close to apply the changes you've made to your blog and go back to the dashboard screen.