How do you keep herbs alive

30.06.2018 Admin
How Do I Keep Plants Alive in Winter. But if youre planning on keeping and growing these herbs for longer, there are a few steps you can take. How can you keep herbs alive, especially if you live in a northern latitude where sunlight is scarce. They look super cute in the windowsill behind the sink, but before long they look.

Potted herbs in the supermarket may look big and beautiful, but the truth is that they are overcrowded.

The bbest bet is to take a Start from each plant you want to save and start new small plants. Enjoy your fresh herbs all winter long. Too small of a pot and the roots will get crowded. Growing those dang herbs inside.
A nice sunny window, preferably facing South will do the trick. You must also rotate the plant every week or so. How to keep indoor herbs alive for longer than a month. You can do this in a spreadsheet you make yourself, but your college may offer helpful tools as well.