What does it mean when you have lumps on your bum hole

01.07.2018 Carl
What does it mean to have a clear jelly like substance coming out of my bum, and having menstrual like cramps. Hi there i have a few white lumps around my bum hole they look sort of like skin tags but the biggest one looks to have three together i did pull one off last night and it bleed abit. It hurts when I sit down, and it hurts when I walk. What does it mean if you have an itchy finger.

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But Go To The Doctor To Be Sure Its Fat And Not A Cyst In Your Bum. Lump in your bum cheek going to your bum hole. Please what is it and how do I get rid of it. Get some hemorrhoid cream from the chemist, this will help with the pain and itching and reduce swelling. What does it mean if your foot is itchy. In the meantime, drink plenty of water and get some fiber in your diet, avoid constipation at all costs.