How to re equip vigors in bioshock infinite

01.07.2018 Adena
This guide will help you get them all as you go as well as help you find the upgrades. Talk to the woman talking about charming people and you will drink a potion she has and after you trip. If they use only them they may seem similiar, however if combine them together the final effect will be much more deadly.
Bioshock Infinite Vigors Locations to find all Vigors in the game to unlock Well Rounded and Combination Shock achievement or trophy. Like the previous games these will give you various powers and are needed to beat the game. Huge thanks to Powerpyx for the guide videos and tips.
Vigors were then advertised in short films to be used offensively instead of being aids. Does the game save each Vigors you collect. In Bioshock Infinite you get what is called Vigor instead of Plasmids. Then, you can always rely on a murder of crows to peck on them and take a few nasty bites before theyre nothing but piles of bones with a little bit of flesh.