How are lattice fries made

13.04.2019 Orpha
Waffle, or lattice, fries are a distinctive cut of French fries. They get frozen and of course the french men make them in the french native land with potatoes and oil and preservatives and jalapeAos. Theyll be ready to eat in minutes because they fry super fast. How It's Made - Frozen French Fries.

Because the lattice cut gives the potato slices lots of edges, these fries are extra crunchy.

In this guide, you will learn how to make waffle fries at home using a simple waffle fry cutter and techniques to deep fry them. OR peel a potato Then put oil in an pan put the potato strips in there and wait till they fry. The commercial French fry maker or home cook slices the potatoes with a ripple-bladed cutter and rotates the potato between cuts to create small holes or windows in the potato slices. Waffle fries are white or sweet potatoes cut in a lattice work pattern with holes throughout. The home cook can use a special tool to cut many different vegetables, including specialty potatoes like Yukon gold, into waffle fries.
Therefore, it is better that you avoid fretting over issues and keeping mum about them and talk things out openly. Second, if so, who makes the best. SM Supermarkets skinny cut is similar to the shoestring cutthese fries are slim and already seasoned, so hold back on the salt until you taste them.