My voice sounds weird when im nervous

14.04.2019 Admin
I was only buzzed but my voice sounded madd weird and i wasn't really focused on the conversation. Im high because im afraid my voice is gonna give me away and then that makes me nervous and i just act funny lol. Did i use really weird wording too.

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Why do the voices of many elderly people change, so that they sound old. Like I want to know, can sing English songs really well but not Hindi. Just like we labeled hipsters, I labeled the weird singing that certain. How do I stop having a shaky voice when speaking to many people. It can also make your voice shaky and sound nervous. My question is do you talk in a funny voice when your voice only sounds funny when your buzzed.
Why does my voice sound weird to me on recordings but normal to other people. I fucking hate it though, it makes me feel like im retarded. Recording my voice, sounds weird, please help. Why does your voice sound different on a recording. All of the reviews indicated that this company is outstanding - I concur.