How to transfer files using nfc android

14.04.2019 Sherice
The name for the technology gives away how it actually works. Generally speaking, there are two means to check it. Then what is NFC in mobile phone. This tutorial will teach you how to transfer files between two NFC-enabled smartphone by using an awesome Android file manager app called File Expert.

You can easily transfer files between Android devices in no time using NFC or the Superbeam app.

How to transfer files using nfc android — pic 2
First, you can check for the printed N symbol on your device. Then hold devices together to complete data transfer. Next, this article will talk about how to use NFC to transfer files in detail.

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How to transfer files using nfc android — pic 1
Transfer Android Large Files with NFC You should receive a pop-up note as below. Some devices print on battery pack and some on backplate. Could anybody please help me with that. The alarm clock of galaxy ace does ring when the phone is switched off. Please choose to share via Android Beam.