Where is the mini sub in just cause

27.06.2018 Admin
I need to get the achievement 'Top of the World'. Sadly I had both my primary and secondary harddrives go within the same week. I'm off to find them all, wish me luck.

If not then my job might be a lot easier.

Where is the mini sub in just cause — pic 1
Eh, the same just happened to be. We're not ruling out multiplayer in the future. You can even set your device to automatically backup to iCloud. The goal is to navigate the small mountain range, all while hearing inspirational quotes from Bennet Foddy, explaining the Easter Egg in detail.
The mini-game only takes a few minutes to complete. Share this article on facebook. It won't be the first time I've played halfway though a game, then had to start over because I was a bonehead. I was in a game with red tenser. One of the most epic vehicles is a boat that you will have to find in the world. This allows the team to offer more abilities while not changing the number of guns Rico can carry. Certainly not as interesting as the old Just Cause, where youd swoop in and blow everything up.