How to convert string date to mm/dd/yyyy format in c#

27.06.2018 Admin
ParseExactstr, MMddyyyy, CultureInfo. I am declaring a string variable as fromdate when seen while debugging i am able to find this date format in that fromdate variable FromDate java. I can use custom logic but its not feasible.

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How to convert string date to mm/dd/yyyy format in c# — pic 2
I am getting an exception System. I have a date in string format like mmddyyyy. Look at the docs for custom date and time format strings for more info. But I was unable to get the answer. Date is not stored in the form of string internally, the format is just a presentation, so you can not force the DateTime object of specific format.
Java Springboot consume rest api map to a model duplicate. Mm is for minutes, MM is for months. From Network a boot using Open Firmware. Known thinkers we praise for their intellectual and reflexional skillssuch as Socrates, Plato, and Aristotleactually hated democracy. Please help me with inbuilt function or logic. This could be very easy question.