Multicraft ftb install

01.07.2018 Admin
Can anyone tell me how to exactly install FTB on my server. Thanks to anyone that can help me. Stop, Start and Restart your server with a click of a button.

Anyone know how to get FTB running on multicraft.

Install any modpack with the Multicraft auto installer. In this video we show you how to install a Feed The Beast modpack on your Multicraft Hosted server. Redownload FTB's server files and install Bukkit on top of that. Please ask your hosting provider where their Multicraft installation is located. I was told to follow these steps but not sure what I am doing exaclty. I need help configuring my ftb multi craft server on ftp.
After connecting to the server the Just. I am able to start my server, but In opt mode or creative mode I am not able to place advanced mod blocks or twilight portal. Minecraft Mods - FTB Infinity Ep. If that doesn't work, take the inverse route.