Tub with tile surround installation

02.07.2018 Pauline
Tile adds an extra layer of protection to any wall or floor and are used in many rooms where water and steam are present. Along with their counterparts, they provide a solid base for tile. Midprice thermal-plastic units with formed features and appearances are generally more stylish and better made.
Tub with tile surround installation — pic 2
The bathtub still has the protective film on it and Ive added the green tape around the perimeter where I had to peel the film back to install the backer. Try a few laps where you accelerate hard down the straights, getting as much wheelspin as possible. Plastic is not one of those things, and tiling over a plastic tub surround equals disaster waiting to happen.
Tub with tile surround installation
When done right the tile will completely cover and protect the drywall beneath from moisture thereby extending the life of the wall and room. Will Liquid Nails--or similar--stick to ceramic tile. Estimating how much tile you need for a project is a simple equation that, once learned, will allow you to know what it will take to complete the job. I was thinking one of those oscillating cutting tools--which I don't currently have.